About Us

"Come forth into the light of things,

let nature be your teacher." William Wordsworth

We love to explore, to travel and to wonder. With all the adventures we've had both in far off places, and in our own backyard, those that we treasure the most are the moments where time seems to stand still and we stop and marvel.


Marvel at the sheer beauty of a mountain face, or the deep precipice on the edge of a canyon, or at an ancient glacier that has slowly carved the landscape for thousands of years, or gaze at the intricacy of fractals found in a little leaf. Nature is amazing, beautiful, terrifying, comforting and ever changing.


Let nature in
We design fine art prints and products that beautify your home, office or work space. Visit our Collections in the side menu to see our most recent work, like our Into the Tropics Collection.


Nature is beautiful
We believe that pausing to marvel at nature makes a positive difference in our lives by allowing something magnificent and inspiring into our environment. It can offer comfort, rest, beauty, peace. If you love what you see, take us home with you by visiting our shop. 


Nature works together
We believe that since each component in nature works together, we should do the same. We sponsor organizations that work to assist wildlife and habitat conservation, deliver medical care to displaced persons, and fight against child sex trafficking. A percentage of all proceeds goes to help sponsor projects all over the world. When you purchase a piece with us, you can select which organization you would like to help us sponsor.


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My name is Mona Elisa and I'm the one behind Mona Elisa Fine Art Photography.

Welcome to our website. It's so lovely to meet you! 

I’m a Canadian native currently residing in Amsterdam. I began with portrait photography but couldn’t ignore my love for nature and the botanical world.

I’m obsessed with light and how it affects the way we see and interpret the world around us.