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Monday, September 25, 2017
By MonaElisaPhotography
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Hi! My name is Mona Elisa and I’m a total #plantlady (I feel that it sounds a little better than #planthoarder).

Just a few months ago I was praising the benefits of creating and cultivating one’s own sacred space (You can read about it here). And there, in bold letters, my first tip was to reduce the clutter. I’m still on that journey, and one area where we are not making much progress is the number of plants we currently own, and the number of plants we are dreaming of incorporating in our little piece of paradise (or jungle) which we call home.  I say “we” because, it’s a mutual obsession between my husband and I. 

Why the big deal? I’m not quite sure. There’s something about their beauty – all the different colours, textures, shapes, smells, designs, and all the intricate details that speak volumes to us. They’re alive, they grow, and keep growing. I’m still in awe when I think of our prayer plants (maranta leuconeura) that open in the morning with the first rays of the sun, and close in the evening when we make our way to bed. You literally hear and see their lush leaves splay open and then close.


And we get so excited when one of our cacti begins to flower, or when one of the fiddleheads from our fern decides to unfurl, or when we see new shoots coming up from the ground. We marvel at the way they’ve been secretly growing underneath the earth until the day you see a tiny speck of green making its way above the surface. As each day passes it continues to grow until it’s ready to say, “Hello world! Here I am!”


It’s amazing to think that all this starts as a tiny seed or from a spore. With the right conditions and environment, anything can happen. Nature is such an incredible teacher. 

We’ve been growing our very own little bud from seed. As I write this, I am 37 weeks pregnant and can hardly believe it. This process has been so surreal. At first, we doubted as we could not see any physical evidence in those first few weeks and months (except from all the morning sickness). Similarly to when you plant a seed in your garden whether it be for a flower or a delicious ripe tomato; you have faith, hope and trust that this seed will come to life in its own time and within the right conditions. And under the cover of darkness it begins to grow.


And just like the little shoots that we marvel at as we see them emerge from the soil, we have been marveling at how without much effort on our part, this baby has grown with a little faith and hope. It’s incredible how your body completely rearranges itself for this tiny human to develop in secret.


We’re excited for this new adventure!

We’ll still be running business as usual, although you may see less of us on social media for the next few months as we acclimatize to all the various changes that parenthood brings. :)


At the beginning of September, we added some beautiful fine art prints to both of our collections: Into the Tropics & Arid Flora. Please take a peek if you haven’t already done so. They are gorgeous!


We look forward to introducing you to our lil’ sapling in the coming months. 

What have you been waiting for to grow with hope and expectation?

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Mona Elisa - ME TOO! Those are all amazing aspirations and I wish therefor myself as well.

So happy you loved this post. Everybody needs a red dress ;)
Mona Elisa - I'm sure you can probably get one at a garden centre. There are loads and loads of varieties with different colours, designs and patterns. They're beautiful!
Priya - I adored the description of the "Prayer Plant"...where can I get one of those?

What a glorious reminder to pray daily!
PRIYA - What have I been waiting for to grow with hope and expectation?... SO MANY THINGS!! But, I think I would have say that tiny spark in me that wants to grow as a person with a better attitude, sweeter disposition, calmer soul, more tolerant heart and fighting spirit.

I LOVED THIS POST!! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I love the red maternity dress and you look fresh and lovely and alive...much like your plants and photos thereof!