Converging Palms
Lines, stripes and patterns converge in this elegant black and white photograph. Palms are such an extraordinary and diverse family of shrubs and trees and inhabit such varied habitats. For many cultures, they have become symbols for victory, peace, and fertility.

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Printing is outsourced to a professional laboratory in Germany who utilizes archival inks. Image is printed on bright white torchon archival paper (285gsm). Museum grade paper which has 82 years’ longevity if displayed framed under glass or 132 years if displayed framed with a UV filter. Made of 100% alpha-cellulose, acid-free and with a coarse texture which gives each artwork beauty and three dimensionality.

Use and store ideally out of the sun, at a relative humidity of 35 to 65% and at a temperature of 10 to 30° C (50° – 86°F.)
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