into the tropics

In this collection, we get up close and personal with an array of fascinating tropical flora:  

Licuala Grandis. Also quite elegantly known as the Ruffled Fan Palm. It seems to glow as it is immersed in the morning light of the sun. It is native to the lowland rainforests of the Soloman Islands, and Vanuatu in the pacific.

Philodendron. This plant is part of a large genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family. Its name derives from the Greek word philo meaning love or affection. This variety, with its heart shaped leaves, is truly endearing.

Washingtonia Filifera. This beautiful Washingtonia Filifera palm is native to south western North America and Mexico. With its perfectly folded leaves like a fan or an accordion, it’s a stunning example of perfect symmetry.

Musaceae Paradisiaca. With its lush green leaves, the banana plant has been valued as a symbol of abundance, prosperity and fertility, This variety is native to the tropics of Asia and Africa.

Crinum Asiaticum. As the rays of the sun filter through the leaves of this Crinum Asiaticum, different shades of green emerge. This plant, native to tropical southeastern Asia, produces intricate flowers known as spider lilies.